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Senior Care Healthcare Solutions...

We’re committed to making a lasting mark in an extremely fragmented industry. The opportunity to serve society and our senior citizens has never been greater. LTCO is committed to compassion, integrity and diversity. We’re leading the development of a more empathic, holistic and effective life experience for our senior citizens. Our system, technology, practice and passion provides extraordinary value for society - building healthier communities and improving the quality of life for those seniors that we serve.

Long Term Senior Care Cencept 2 - Senior Care Healthcare Solutions
Long Term Senior Care Cencept - Senior Care Healthcare Solutions

Combining Empathy, Quality & Technology...

LTCO the parent company is incorporated in the State of Nevada and is the holding company for several companies all focused on improving and extending the quality of life for our seniors. Professional and efficient healthcare services combined with a unique SaaS EMR billing software solution helps our employees to devote their time to care instead of paperwork while maintaining state and federal compliance.

Management Team

Sameer (Sam) Shah headshot - long term health care services for seniors

Sameer (Sam) Shah

Chief Executive Officer


Wooiyi Yin headshot - long term health care services for seniors

Wooiyi Yin

Chief Operating Officer


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