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Nemicare is a cloud-based care coordination software platform built specifically to deliver patient-centered care across the entire care continuum – from the Adult Day Health, to the Respite Care and to clients at home in the community. It provides "one patient - one views" visibility delivering data and content across multiple models of care, resulting in a comprehensive electronic medical record that enables healthcare professionals to make better clinical, operational and financial decisions. All-in-one easy to use web and mobile user experience.

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EMR Technology Concept - Electronic Medical Record System Software


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  • Comprehensive process
  • Manage Authorizations and Eligibility
  • Patient e-Consent
  • Single view with all the patient information.
  • Quickly create and manage care plans

  • Integration with Transportation broker - Southeastrans & Logisticare.
  • Timely management of all transportation requests.
  • Managers can create and manage transportation for patients care and see a list of available transportation system to facilitate safe care.

  • Integration with Food vendor for attendance and billing.
  • Machine learning

  • Expedite the claims process & improve your revenue cycle.
  • Predictive model can help in accurately submitting claims and avoid resubmissions by reducing claims denials.

  • Easy access to forecasting to plan more effectively for future.
  • Machine learning
  • Apply Optimization and identify best scenario which will produce the best results

How it works

Nemicare brings together your existing electronic information from siloed applications into a web-based application. It is then presented in a way that clinicians can view and access information by streamlining their everyday processes.

Nemicare brings together existing data and content, automate scanning of paper and provide an electronic platform for the end user to complete all future documentation and content with automation of workflow, communication and information.

The platform is both interoperable, extendable and designed to take the advantage of Microsoft Azure cloud technologies. This provides customers with a fast, flexible platform that is responsive to changing business dynamics.

Your Benefits

  • Empowering care recipients and family members self-service access to scheduling, results and reports via mobile apps.
  • Leverage an integrated platform to effectively communicate with care givers, improve quality and patient outcomes.
  • Connect clinicians, patients and care teams to provide streamlined services, including telehealth and collaboration at-a-distance.

  • The ability to increase the number of patients served per day with enhanced patient workflow and increased productivity.
  • Revolutionary user interfaces allow clinicians to adopt fast with minimal disruptions to productivity.
  • With improved data quality and analytics clinicians can make informed choices at the point-of-care.

  • Embrace Trusted Technology to secure protection, privacy, and compliance for your health data management.
  • Reducing costs through decreased paperwork, improved safety, reduced duplication of testing, and improved health.
  • Helping promote legible, complete documentation and accurate, streamlined coding and billing.
EMR Benefits Concept - Electronic Medical Record System Software

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